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Floppodile, Ceramic, leather, latex, ink and steel. 2019

'Floppodile' was created at Standpoint Gallery as part of a residency that took place over 3 weeks in February 2019.

15 Sculpture students from the Royal Collage of Art took part in a series of ceramic workshops where black and white clay was manipulated, activated and applied. The work made during that time was exhibited in the space at the 'Dirty Hands & Revelations' exhibition where the artists considered the theme in an expanded form.  


Latex rubber hangs out of the crocodile silhouette, like the guts and entrails of an animal. the latex is cut in the shape of a sewing pattern template for a coat. The dismembered coat lays discarded over the bar as if it has been taken off and thrown over a railing. It is a temporary item of clothing which we try on and discard as we wish. The work draws a connection to the way people fall in and out of fads encouraging us to look at our behaviour in relation to the wider world. 


The vivid green colour of the leather distills the immediate realisation of what the material is, just as the pre-prepared cuts of meat that are presented to us neatly in plastic packaging do. This is emphasised by the flat illustrative quality of the crocodiles enticing and friendly form. The piece toys with the idea of truth and reality through the information we seek out and are given. 

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