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- To inspire or permeate  with (a feeling or quality)


‘Imbue’ is a pair of copper headphones with two cone funnels attached to each earpiece. There are no electrical devices as the cones naturally amplify the acoustics of the given environment, bouncing sounds that swell and hum.    


The participant is prompted into a state of ‘imagined walking’ through architectural or acoustic space. The trembling vibrations amplified through the headphones heighten your awarenes of the space surrounding you. The participant is encouraged to feel the presence of the space they are in and the space beyond.


Architecture is the art we live in; it is the skin we inhabit. Although the work may physically sit in the gallery walls, it reaches an illimitable pervading scale as the work metaphysically permeates the building through the mind of the spectator, weather they choose to wear the piece or simply envisage the trembling natural vibrations that are amplified. 

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