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S E E D  P O D S


Gardens are often created with particular viewpoints in mind, as we walk around them, or look out the window from inside.


Gardens are extensions of our architecture. They can be outdoor rooms. However unruly we may allow the plants to grow, they are still framed images of our desires. Most suburban gardens aspire to the condition of a hortus conclusus (enclosed garden); the medieval enclosed paradise garden. Every garden is a replica of this, an attempt to recapture something. With this perspective in mind gardens can be seen as paintings; as framed images of our desires.


With these imagined seedpods which differ from the size of a clenched fist to the size of a ping pong ball, the viewer is encouraged to create an image in their mind of a plant that has grown from them. These sculptures act as a catalyst to a piece of work that the viewer creates in their head, however big or small or hairy or wide the plant may become. 


Seed Pods, Ceramic & Plastic, 10 x 10 x 10cm, 2015.

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