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‘Soup Garden’, looks at gardens as paintings or imagined spaces. Gardens are often created with particular viewpoints in mind, as we walk around them, or look at them from our window. Even when a garden has been left to look ‘natural’ this is a cultivated decision as a garden is a planned space.


Every garden paints a portrait of its owner. This is particularly visible in densely populated cities where each pocket of plant life can be seen from above. When looking down on gardens from a higher level you can speculate on the identity of the owner- an image grows in our mind.


Gardens are extensions of our architecture. However unruly we may allow the plants to grow, they are still framed images of our desires. Every garden is a replica, an attempt to recapture something. It is these mock landscapes that the work is driving towards, and how this is particularly relevant in our modern realm of social media. Like making a soup we pick and choose the ingredients to create the flavour we wish.

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