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'Camilla Bliss // Closed Curtain' exhibition at The Barbican Arts Group Trust. 2017

‘Closed Curtain’ is an installation made in response to a 6 week residency at The Barbican Arts Group Trust. The work stands in a liminal space between a stage set and reality. The artist studio is often a very private and intimate space which has now been opened up to the public as an exhibition. Sculptural pieces within this installation become theatrical props that have been carefully staged, allowing the visitors to see what the artist wants them to see. Similar to the way we curate our lives on social media the space has be transformed from the artists studio to a groomed show room.  


The gallery has no natural light or windows. The main piece hanging on the wall alludes to a curtain as well as a theatrical backdrop to a stage. With no connection to the outside, the space becomes a world of its own. A ritualistic atmosphere is created under the questionable artificial light source of candles and strip lighting. The ‘curtain’ almost becomes the altarpiece to a made-up belief system or shrine to the imagination. 

Closed Curtain (2017)

Fabric, Emulsion, Ceramic & Wood.

170 x 192 x 3cm

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