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E T   I N   A R C A D I A   E G O 

‘Et In Arcadia Ego’ is a memorial to the artist's mother Helen Bliss, A children’s book illustrator. Some of the imagery is inspired from her old sketchbooks.


The totemic female at the top Refers to three archetypes of womanhood: The priestess, the lover and the mother, whilst around the base stand guardians. The sculpture can be taken apart and Inside the belly of the figure you will find a golden egg.


With conflicting symbolism inspired from many different cultures, the piece becomes an entity of its own, not standing for one belief system or another, but celebrating all walks of life. It stands in an indefinable space of anonymity. As the title suggests: Even in Arcadia there is death.




Et In Arcadia Ego (2014)

Gold Leaf, Horse hair, Mixed media.

20 x 20 x 77cm

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